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   Millions of   


   are never heard.   

Stalking is a crime in the U.S., but it can be difficult for a victim to get law enforcement to intervene. An incident in isolation might not rise to the pattern of behavior required for a stalking charge.

For every 1,000 incidents of stalking, an estimated:


Incidents are reported to law enforcement


Police reports will

be taken


Arrests will be made


Will be convicted

Living life as the target of a stalker is intimidating, isolating and intensely unbearable as you become paralyzed by fear and anxiety. A stalker may never directly threaten the victim, but the threat is real and lines between paranoia and vigilance become smudged beyond recognition.

It is no way to live.

A girl feeling sad

There are an estimated 13.5 million people stalked each year:

Male_Female Demography of Stalking

1 in 3 women

1 in 6 men

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